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SparkRios fuses magnetic energy into each campaign designed to SPARK innovation and stream RIOS of magic into awe inspiring narratives.

We work with some of the biggest brands in the universe:

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Co-founded by the dynamic duo René Villar-Rios & Tim Sparks whose award-winning feature film AMARAICA now streams on HBO Max.


René Villar-Rios

a film/commercial director and cinematographer based in Venice Beach with origins that uniquely trace to Chile and Sweden. René’s diverse multi-cultural background influences his use of realism and mystique in crafting original narratives that keep him in high demand with top agencies and brands.


Camila Martins

infuses the vibrant creativity and vivid expression of her Brazilian genesis into unforgettable imagery and tellings. Camila’s ingenuity and unique voice has translated into a diverse career which spans the gamut of genres from high impact commercial campaigns to award winning auteur documentaries.


Tim Sparks

an award-winning dynamic producer and collaborator who works across the entertainment spectrum mixing his business acumen and artistry to craft awe inspiring content.

We Fuel creativity for brands.  

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